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Since 2001, we are a textile company dedicated to manufacturing elastic fabrics for swimwear lining.

Our core value is serving our clients, therefore we work in close collaboration with them to elaborate solutions for all their requests.

Our service is based on Reliability, Quality, Reproducibility and Personalisation of all our manufacturing processes.

As our reputation grew significantly by word of mouth, we work with customers from diverse industries and export half of our production to several countries across Europe.

Knitted fabrics

Specialised in knitwear fabric.
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  • Lining fabrics


    Helanca TUBULAR

    (PA - 100 g/m²)

    Helanca ABIERTO

    (PA – 95 g/m²)

    Helanca PLUS

    (PA/EA – 95 g/m²)


    (PA/EA - 100 g/m²)
  • Unique fabrics


    SOLID   (PES/EA - 135 g/m²)
    COBI (PA/EA - 145 g/m²)
    CONTROL (PA/EA - 175 g/m²)
    FLY (PA/EA – 190 g/m²)


"Feeling quality without seeing it"
Specialised in knitwear fabric

Our fabrics personalised for you

Although the scientific community has given a name to 39 colours, the colour palette used by a designer is infinite. We are here to develop the colour you really want for your products: your own colour. We can prepare the fabric for printing, or we can print your custom drawing for you.

At Alavedra Ribot, we are proud to offer flexibility to adapt to the specific needs of each client. We make sure to adapt our products to meet every specific requirement and the personal expectations of every customer.

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A lining that adapts to the body, giving complete freedom of movement

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